1. Will I get an order confirmation Via Email ?
Yes after placing the order, the system generates an automatic email notification. All the relevant order details are sent to the email address provided at the time of placing the order.
2. What are the payment options?
Customer can deposit cash / cheque into our bank account and the order will be delivered once the payment is received. You are requested to inform us the payment details through email/phone. We have also introduced the Cash on delivery (COD) option recently.
3. How can I change the Delivery address, Delivery date after placing the order?
You can change the delivery address by calling us. However, please note that this has to be done within 8 hours of placing the order. Once the order is processed and delivered then you have to pay extra charges for redelivery.
4. How safe is my personal information?
Your personal information is completely safe. The provided information shall not be shared with any individual or entity.
5. Can I have the preference of exact delivery date and time of delivery?
In fact we will be happy to deliver your order at a mentioned date and time. Please note that under extra ordinary circumstances we will not be able to guarantee exact delivery of date and time.
6. What if there is problem in Product?
We will take all necessary care to deliver in the best possible condition. We advise you to inspect the goods carefully at the time of delivery. However you have to let us know about the product within 12 hours so that they could be replaced. You can also bring back the product to our store with the bill to get it exchanged.
7. What if Daga Brothers fail to deliver the order in time?
As mentioned before, we will make our best effort in delivering goods before time. However, once you place your order we only guarantee delivery of goods.
8. What if Recipient is Not available at the Given Address or Refuses to Accept the goods?
In any of these cases we will be able to redeliver at the convenience of the recipient at an additional delivery charge.
9. What if I wish to cancel the Order?
You can cancel the order by e mailing us or by calling us within 2 hours of placing the order. Please keep the reference number handy while communicating with us.
10. What are your Re-delivery Conditions?
Redelivery will be done once at your convenient time. However charges for the redelivery and previous delivery are applicable.
11. Are there any additional charges like taxes that I will have to pay?, vat, delivery charges, packaging and handling charges?
The prices mentioned on the website are all inclusive. In addition, to the Grand Total on your bill, delivery charges will have to be paid extra.
12. Tell me the details about your return or exchange policy?
At this time we cannot have the goods for return or exchange picked up. We welcome you to our shop for any exchanges or returns.