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Most schools over the country have re-opened with 50 % capacity after the long break or we can say a privilege of long vacation to students due to pandemic.

Students staying at home were enough concentrating on food eating habits moreover the healthy food and drinks, their pattern were changed due to staying at home.
Physical activities mostly used to happen as schools had extra-curricular activities.

Due to lockdown, almost parks and other outside sport activities had closed down, which made kids feel bored sitting at home and they missed of getting involved in such outdoor sports for longer period.

Now, because schools have re-opened and the world is still facing the corona pandemic but in a declining stage and with vaccines rolled over the world, it is important and necessary to build immunity and stay healthy, free of bad air and get energized.

Eating more healthy should be concentrated more over atleast for school going students as they are going to face the mass gatherings plus they don’t have anyone to tell wash hands, sanitize like one’s parents or constantly keeping a watch on them.

School going kids has to be include healthy and super-foods and the best thing one can put a habit is dryfruits for their breakfast or in their lunch boxes in order to keep them stronger and healthy.

A good mix or combination of almonds; cashews; walnuts; dates; berries can help them boost immunity and also help them in increasing mental health.

You can easily order online and get it at your doorstep. Decide dry-fruit checklist ready & order. Stay happy and healthy.

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